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TiE Global Summit 2023 will be held in partnership with Singapore FinTech Festival 2023

The Singapore FinTech Festival will bring together the global FinTech community to engage, connect, and collaborate on issues relating to the development of financial services, public policy, and technology. As the world’s most impactful FinTech festival, last year’s edition brought together over 62,000 participants from 134 countries.

The Singapore FinTech Festival 2023 will focus on the growth and adoption of AI and how this technology can potentially be used in financial services.

Examining how technologies such as AI and Web3, and digital public goods,

can help to accelerate:

  • The transition to a low-carbon future.

  • The re-imagining of the financial system architecture to better address the needs of the underserved.

  • The securing of the digital economy against modern climate, technology, and cyber  risks                                                                                                      

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