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Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh is a seasoned executive with deep cybersecurity expertise across both public and private sectors. As the head of cyber-intelligence and counterterrorism of a national intelligence agency, he has honed his expertise in cybersecurity working in the front lines of cyber war. Extending his expertise to IBM Research, Ritesh has built ground-breaking products that have been deployed in many industries. Combined with his role as an executive with PWC running large cyber consulting programs and the global CISO of one of the world’s largest mining companies, Ritesh has the unique experience of seeing a cybersecurity challenge from the lens of a practitioner, an innovator and a business leader. Ritesh founded CYFIRMA to deliver a game-changing approach to cyber defense where AI-powered analytics capabilities would help organizations proactively monitor their external threat landscape, identify potential threats and take actions to strengthen their defenses.

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