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The 2023 TiE Global Summit (TGS) x Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) is set to be a dynamic and visionary event, guided by the compelling theme, #GoodForTheWorld. In a world facing unprecedented challenges, this theme underscores the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in driving innovative solutions. TGS aims to delve deep into key themes, emphasizing sustainability, technological advancement, social impact, and the future of entrepreneurship.

Environment, Social
And Governance

Within this theme we will cover topics around:

  • Climate Tech

  • Future of Energy

  • Agri-Tech

  • Health-Tech

  • Sustainability

Deep Tech

ChatGPT has thrown the Deep tech doors wide open. Listen to experts on:

  • Generative AI

  • Future of Mobility

  • Ethical AI

  • Cyber security

Entrepreneurs Of The Future

With the rapid pace of development and wealth creation, a new brand of start up focusing on social enterprise has emerged. Hear about:

  • Purpose-led entrepreneurship

  • Social enterprise

Impact Investment

Founders are no longer just looking at pure commercial models. They are looking at creating meaningful startups that serve a larger community. Hear founders speak on:

  • Microfinance

  • Patient Capital

  • Blended Finance

Accelerating Innovation
In Growth Markets

Entrepreneurship is catching on like wild fire and unicorns are being created all over the world. Innovation is omnipresent now. Topics around:

  • Scaling across Asia and India

  • Emerging Trends across Asia

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